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Wreck and Reef Diving for Certified Divers

If you are a certified and experienced diver this is the tour for you

  • 4 Hour Guided Tour

  • 2 Tanks 2 Immerssions

  • Perfect Departing Location

  • No Extra Fees or Taxes

  • All Equipment Included

  • Dedicated Guide

  • Top Quality Facilities and Boats

  • Bad Weather Refund Warranty

  • You MUST Have 15+ Dives

In this impressive experience you will be able to explore an incredible shipwreck of an old minesweeper ship on the Mexican Caribbean coast, with an incredible amount of marine life, this dive has an approximate depth of 80ft. For the second dive you will be exploring one of the best Cribean Sea Reefs with an average depth of 65ft.

Diving in this wreck requires great technical ability, due to the sea currents, so it is an essential requirement that you show proof of being certified diver with at least 15 dives.




First Dive


Second Dive


To start this adventure we´ll check in at the marina, your designated guide will receive you to assign you equipment, according to your size; mask, fins, everything you need. And you will fill the necesary paperwork.

We will board the boat and the trip is  20 minutes to the firs dive site.

The first dive to 80 feet will be done in one of the C-55 or C-58 old minesweeper wrecks. We will have approximately 35 minutes in the bottom to explore the ship all all the marine life it atracts.

We go up to the boat, prepare the second tank, and sail 15 minutes through impresive views of the caribbean sea to our second dive. We have bottled water or juices, as well as sancks or cookies if you want to grab a bite.

Our second dive is in an impressive reef with clear waters and a large amount of marine life, we can be exploring the bottom for up to 50 minutes at a depth of 65 feet.

We will go back to the boat to return to the marina in a short trip, our adventure is over.

Not Included

All equipment needed for the activity

2 full tanks, one for each dive

Drinking water, cookies or snack

Certified Master Diver instructor

All fees, taxes


Wetsuit (if needed) $10

Photos and videos 


Reserve Today

Wreck Diving  |  $ 99 USD
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